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Joombas Music Group

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Agreement for Personal Information Collection

Any personal information you submit to the official website and collected by Joombas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter ‘Joombas’) is collected in accordance with
[Article 10 Law on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Agencies]. To submit, you must consent to the terms and conditions of the [Collection of Personal Information] below. Users may refuse consent, however, this may limit any reply or delivery service.

– Website Name: Joombas official website
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1. (Use and Processing of Personal Information) Your personal information is collected by Joombas for the purpose of the following stated below.
The collected personal information will not be used for any other purpose other than that which is specified below, and in the event any changes will be made to the terms and conditions, members will be notified and will be asked for re-consent.

– Purpose of Personal Data Collection – 1:1 Direct Inquiry (Fan Club, site errors, or other inquiries, etc.), Copyright Infringement complaints

2. (Categories of Personal data information Collected) Joombas collects the minimum personal information necessary for processing. You agree to the following personal information collection below:

– Mandatory Personal Data Information: Name, email, contact information

3. (Retention and Use Period of Personal Data Information) If the purpose of processing personal information is for the homepage or service, then when the request has been completed, your information can be abolished by principle without delay. However, the standard privacy guidelines are based on a two-year period of Article 64, paragraph 3 and through the process of resynchronization of the data, you agree to the terms and conditions that Joombas will continue to hold and store the personal data according to the guidelines.

– Retention: Until services are abolished.